Add your link to FAQs:

  1. Is there a minimum amount of months that have to be purchased?
    No, month-to-month is just fine.
  2. What is the maximum number of pages that I can have appear per Sponsored Link?
    1 page per link.
  3. Am I free to choose a description for the Sponsored Link?
    Yes, but it must be 15 words or less. Just send an email to with "Link Description" in the subject and a reference to which link the description is for.
  4. How soon will the link be up?
    Allow 48 hours.
  5. How long will the link stay up?
    30 days, for each month purchased, from the purchase date. This excludes the time necessary for posting the link on
  6. After payment, can the page be changed to which the Sponsored Link is directed?
    Simply put, no.
  7. What controls the order of the Sponsored Links?
    All Sponsored Links will be placed in the order received.
  8. How will payment be made?
    All Sponsored Links are payable via PayPal. Just click the PayPal button below.
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